How to lose your money with 10 simple steps :)

Step 1 : In order to be successful you need to buy the most expensive computer You need to have 10 monitors possible so you can watch all charts at the same time Don't forget to buy access to all premium stuffs like bloomberg, CNBC, fox news You need to be extra comfortable, so buy yourself the most luxurious chair as well

Step 2 : Never stop trying to find the holy grail ! Once you will find the holy grail -> with all your 10 monitors with ultra hd 8k -> you will see only green

Step 3: When the TA analysis is telling you that something is oversold, you buy right there without a question Its always right, like always

Step 4: Don't pay attention to the current economic

Step 5: Always trade according to what tik tokers and youtube gurus are telling you If they say that doge will be 1000$ per coin, you are god damn right that it will be

Step 6: Always read what other people are doing and be sure to follow them without question.

Step 7: If you don't need a trading plan, if you see a good trade because your eye never lie to you, you take it Just do it !

Step 8: Always dream about how much you are making not about how much you can lose Because you never lose ->

Step 9: Never use a stop loss or a logic condition of exit ! This are for losers are you not one

Step 10: Always trade based on your emotions If you feel scared about the market crashing? go sell immediately If you feel greedy -> go all in on that buy button

Make sure to follow and perform as many of these steps as possible and you will hit that big extra fat 0 into your account faster you believe you can do it ;) Just do it

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