I see too many people hoping for a $10,000 chainlink of $1000 Cardano... That's not realistic at all.

I saw another user post this tool 5 months ago and i use it all the time to compare cryptos. It tells you how much the crypto you like would be worth if it had the same market cap as bitcoin. It is very helpful at making you understand how little some would be worth even with a high market cap.. And that's even IF your crypto EVER reached a BTC market cap of 1 trillion for example.

Here. For example: IF Cardano had the same market cap as bitcoin right now, it would be worth around $32.28... Very far from the promises of $1000 isn't it.

Use the tool. Don't get wrecked and also understand that your low cap cryptos may never come near a market cap of 1 trillion.

Here is the link:

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