Components of an efficient strategy

Components of the most effective strategy Things are indicated that can reveal the maximum potential of your strategy, or change it a little so that you are successful. Theory Do you have enough knowledge base about the market, terminal, competition, nuances, technical and fundamental analysis , your own capabilities to feel quite comfortable in the market? Objective Were you able to define your goal, what would you like to see from yourself in the future? Is it based on a constructive vision of the market? Economy Are your resources being used productively? Do you use money management and risk management in your strategy? Simplicity Are there things in your strategy that you do not understand or could not make out? If so, get rid of it. The strategy should be as easy and understandable as possible. Psychology Are there elements of psychology in your strategy? What are you doing to get rid of the human factor and bring everything into a state of consistency? Flexibility Is it possible to move resources within your strategy? Will you be able to quickly respond to the volatility , cyclicality of the markets? Speed Is it possible to quickly redirect your "forces" within the strategy? Do fundamental things, undefined responsibilities and forms diminish your ability to act quickly? Security Is it clear which information has to be kept secure? Do you spread your plans? Initiative Does the strategy allow you not to follow the crowd and stay ahead of the competition? Accuracy Are you focusing your efforts in those areas that provide the greatest opportunity? Commitment Does everyone feel a part of the initiative and passionate about achieving its goals? Or do just a few people “own” the initiative?

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