A list of dont's

  • Don’t take a screenshot of your seeds. Can’t believe I need to say that.

  • Don’t write it somewhere casually and get to it eventually

  • Don’t tell anyone it, even if they’re in a support chat and you’re sure they work for Binance.

  • Don’t leverage, I know you think you’re smart, but don’t do that.

  • Don’t go ass to pussy, once you’ve moved on to butt hole — you’ve committed. UTI’s kill.

  • Don’t click links in your DM’s, I trust you to talk to people but don’t lose your mind and fall for dumb shit.

  • If you get an email from an exchange asking you to do something or telling you about something, open your exchange independently, clicking links and signing in is reckless

  • Don’t take out a loan to buy crypto, it’s risky enough without involving payday loans. It’s why we don’t skydive holding alligators. Risk quota achieved already.

  • Don’t do your crypto research all in one place, especially coin specific subs or apps meant for preteen girl’s to learn choreography.

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