Major fundamental news

Fundamental news in the forex market provides the greatest energy for price movement. Only often these movements are unpredictable. 1) Employment figures The most important news event that all speculators and investors are guided by is non-farm pay. This news event increases several times, at the time of the news release, the volatility of the main instruments on which traders earn. The NFP usually comes out on the first Friday of every new month. 2) Balance figures An indicator characterizing the difference between the value of exported / imported goods and services 3) Speeches and minutes Last mention of key speeches and minutes such as ... 1) DOMC Statements and Press Conferences 2) Voting on MPC ratings and speeches by the Governor of the Bank of England 3) Press conferences of the ECB and speeches by the President of the ECB 4) Retail Sale figures the indicator characterizes the strength of consumer demand. Its growth indicates an increase in the production of goods, a strengthening of the economy and currency. Included in the calculation of GDP 5) Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) Reflects the shift in the cost of core consumer goods and services 6) Expected and Forecasted Figures on the way out news 1) Positively affects the strengthening of the currency when the actual figures after the release of the news turned out to be better than the predicted ones 2) Badly affect the strengthening of the currency when the actual numbers are worse than expected 7) Any kind of news that is spoken during these events has a very strong effect on all foreign exchange and not only markets. Traders navigate and trade depending on how they think a certain currency of the respective country can react.

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