How to know you are good trader

◼ Has great patience and doesn't eagerly need to make money

◼ Doesn't constantly look at the profit/loss 100 times a day

◼ Are disciplined with your own risk management guidelines

◼ Doesn't base a decision off a feeling (excitement, anxiety, FOMO, etc.)

◼ Understands what works and doesn't work (mainly based off your risk tolerance and level of patience)

◼ Is at peace with self and can easily brush off loses

◼ Is humble and open-minded and doesn't assume

◼ Has no ego and doesn't care to impress

◼ Has self-awareness and know his/her own strengths and weaknesses

◼ Has self confidence and self trust

◼ Is dedicated and maintains a consistent routine

◼ Sets weekly realistic goals to aims to achieve them

◼ Can focus and Is able to make critical and effective decisions

◼ Knows how and where to seek help if needed

◼ Knows how to filter facts from opinions

◼ Can work under pressure or knows to to remove him/herself from a pressured situation

◼ Maintains a positive work environment

◼ Can easily mentally reset from negative market reactions

◼ Is prepared and has plans for things to not always work out perfectly

◼ Accepts being wrong

◼ Responds to potential threats immediately and effectively

◼ Doesn't wait for last minute to protect the account

◼ Holds accountability for his/her own actions

◼ Maintains daily journal logs and trade plans

◼ Has an effective well designed system

◼ Knows when to trade and when not to trade

◼ Stays well informed with ongoing developments

◼ Doesn't take on any unnecessary risk

◼ Is open-minded and doesn't assume

◼ Doesn't fall in love with assets such as certain stocks or crypto currencies

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